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Welcome to ChatSpot we hope you are doing Amazing today!


Only the best features for the best Members! Video chat, Profile designing tools, Drawing tools, Profile music, Mood colors, Youtube, Giphy, and much more!

And we are doing them all 100% FREE NO more VIP PLUS or any other services that cost money.

Also, our STAFF has been told to stay in their own lane and mind their business which means they won’t be in YOUR drama or business!

Our staff members, do have a job though and that job is to keep the chat SAFE from people who are breaking the laws of the united states that’s the only thing they will be monitoring!

Perverts and sexual deviants are not allowed We Are NOT a hookup or SEX site

We aren’t here to have 90000 people connected looking to hook up or send nudes if that’s what you are after do not waste your or our time.

This is a chat for normal human beings looking to have fun that being said we are very laid back and even have no rules outside of do not break the law, using common sense if it’s against the laws of the united states it’s not allowed here either.

You can come as a couple you can have a girlfriend/boyfriend on the site but chances are if you’re looking to hook up this isn’t the place for you to be coming to…

Nudes are not allowed for any reason you will be banned immediately!

Pedophiles stay clear as we utilize technology to identify and report child porn uploaded or viewed on our network and we will work with law enforcement to have you arrested!

Your Privacy Matters to ChatSpot

We take your privacy very seriously at ChatSpot as per our Privacy Policy and TOS that’s why we NEVER monitor your private messages unless someone reports one then we have to investigate ONLY reported messages that are ever seen by our staff or admins.

Most chat sites like to spy on you and your images we started this chat to not only have privacy but to also provide a safe place for people to chat without being violated or data farmed. 

Moderators that care about YOU and how your feeling!

We only staff people who don’t expect or want power. Our staff team is very carefully selected by the owner to make sure they are caring and not a power-hungry person with that being said we do not just pick anyone for staffing at ChatSpot We only let the best people on our team!

You can now throw away your PASSWORD

Passwords are a thing of the past now we have PASSKEYS and BIOMETRICS and we are proud to say ChatSpot has Implemented all the latest login technologies… from OTP text codes to passkeys and Biometric logins as well as magic link e-mails in this section of the site we will let you access them all just click the link below. 

ChatSpot Features

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween users of chatspot I hope you all have a great and SAFE day and night be careful with any candy you eat from

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tabinda faisal
tabinda faisal
Great taste! 👍
Delta Squad
Delta Squad
Amazing atmosphere, great staff members, always polite to their members. Great place to be!
edgy girl
edgy girl
Myah Taylor
Myah Taylor
This has to be the best chat site I have ever been on, the staff are so kind and willing to help when ever they can ^-^
Mushi UwU
Mushi UwU
Very nice people, good mods, Everyone is very sweet and understanding, Pleasepleaseplease check this place out.
toby wilson
toby wilson
I love this site there's so many wonderful ppl and the staff is great there the best any can ask for