Vip+ 5$ Donation

We are always looking to improve the features on Chatspot as you know if you are already a chatspotter! With that being said it’s getting hard for us to maintain that burden and provide this service for free. Don’t get bummed! We aren’t taking away free VIP or making ChatSpot a paid service. However, people have been generous enough to offer donations to help pay for these modifications we all love!
So that’s why we are introducing an awesome new feature called VIP Plus (VIP+). With this service, you will be able to create your own custom rank! Have a fully customized rank icon and call it anything you want!

As a VIP Plus member, you have the opportunity to use your creativity and submit new feature ideas to be included in future updates! You are ChatSpot! Your ideas – Your Chat.

Now you may be asking – How do I get access to this great feature?
It’s super easy and allows you to directly contribute to the continued growth of ChatSpot!
To become a VIP Plus member all you need to do is donate ANY amount of 5$ or more That’s right ANY donation amount over 5$ gets you in! How easy is that?

Skip registration & logging in… chat using a social provider


ChatSpot was founded in 2018, with the intent of being a social community without all of the excessive censoring other websites have in place. Meet new people, build friendships, and become a part of a community of people from all over!

Users can create and host their own chatrooms on the network, share YouTube videos, gifts, images, show your creativity with an in-app paint program, and more! Mobile-ready from a web browse or download the ChatSpot app from the Google Play store.

EVERYONE GETS VIP when they join, and will have access to all of the awesome features out network has to offer. And it will never cost your anything. Completely 100% Free!

I’m sure you know that there are hundreds of other chat sites out there, but you were brought to us for a reason, you’re meant for ChatSpot, so come settle down and start making some friends and read about all the things ChatSpot has to offer. Not only is the ChatSpot community superior to other chatting communities but we also offer amazing features that other chat sites can’t compete with.

For starters, profiles are the first thing people will look for when they see you, nobody wants a boring profile! With our features, you can spice up your profile with youtube videos and profile music so other users can jam out to your favorite song and watch the YouTube Video you’ve had on replay for the past three days.

When you make friends you’re going to want to show them how much you appreciate them, so why not send them a gift? Exclusive to ChatSpot, users can send their friends gifts, some with personalized messages, just so your friends know how much you love them.

Wanna switch it up? Change the color of your name or text with our super fun gradients! Feeling bored? Battle your friends with our super cool card game, which one of your friends can pull the highest card? I don’t know about you but I can’t do anything without listening to music…guess what we have? We have our very own music streaming service for you to stream all the tunes you want when talking to your friends! As you can see, we have so much to offer, so what are you waiting for?? Come mess around with our features and make some lifelong friendships!

Our chat community gives you the opportunity to make new friends or talk to strangers, meet cool people, and share great memories and moments with other chatters from all over the world. 100% free with no downloads. We have a friendly environment that is fully moderated to ensure your safety. You can register your username. Please make sure you follow all the rules of the chat rooms.

Make sure you join us on the music site so you can make free playlists and see what other chatspotterz are listening to