We are the first chat to offer away to log in with no password!

Introducing BIOMETRIC LOGINS Now after you register your CS account you can add your fingerprint or face ID to the site so you can use them to log in to your account

This new tech from Apple, Microsoft, and Google will soon replace all needs for websites and apps to use passwords.

Add your device to your account now HERE after registering your fingerprint reader or Face ID you can now log in this way and never need a password again…

We have also implemented OTP passwords VIA Text message (one-time passwords) you can register your phone number HERE and once you verify your phone number you can log in with your phone number and the site will text you an OTP to log in with

This new tech is added to make your life easier as a chatspot user we hope you enjoy and if you have questions please ask in the CHAT Thanks for using CHATSPOT we aren’t going anywhere this time so enjoy!

Rules in plain english…

ChatSpot’s List of Nopes

ChatSpot is all about making fun, safe, and genuine connections with people from all of the communities you care about. We hate to tell you what you can and can’t do on ChatSpot, but … there are some things to which we just have to say a big ol’ “nope”.
Our goal with these rules is to let people chat and be themselves while making sure that everybody can safely enjoy connecting on ChatSpot.
In plain language, here is a quick list of what you can and can’t do on ChatSpot.

Can I use ChatSpot if I’m younger than 13 years old?
Nope, sorry. ChatSpot is only for people 13 years and older. No exceptions! You also can’t use ChatSpot to share any content targeted at people under 13.

Can I create an account that impersonates someone else?
Nope. ChatSpot doesn’t tolerate phonies.

You can’t pretend to be somebody else, pretend to represent ChatSpot, or send content that violates or infringes someone else’s copyright, trademark, intellectual property, or proprietary right.

Can I bully, harass, abuse, or threaten violence against anyone on ChatSpot?
Nope, and you shouldn’t have to ask!

ChatSpot has your back against anyone threatening, bullying, or harassing you. We prohibit all content that is mean-spirited, or that attacks or promotes harm to any group, individual, or their property, or chatbot based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, country of origin, sexual identity, or disability. On top of this, you can’t use ChatSpot in any way that could harm or does harm minors (people under the age of majority in the state/country/province where they live).

Our community’s safety is our number one priority, and there’s no room for bullies on this platform.

Can I distribute pornography or inappropriate content through ChatSpot?

Nope. That includes sending, requesting, commenting, linking, or advertising inappropriate content.
By “inappropriate content” we mean any photo, video, or written depiction of pornography, nudity, real or implied sexual acts, graphic or gratuitous violence, and anything else that doesn’t belong in a positive chat community with an audience age 17 and up.

Can I send messages to lots of people at once asking them to sign up for my service?

Nope, that’s spam.
There are strict laws on spam, so we’re strict too. Spam includes anything that constitutes unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, bulk unsolicited messages, and malicious code or phishing links designed to collect information or data regarding other users.
Can I sell things to other ChatSpot users (including selling ChatSpot accounts)?

While we admire your entrepreneurial spirit, we can’t let you do this. It’s a nope.

Can I do illegal things on ChatSpot?

Hell nope.

It is against our terms of service to use ChatSpot to break the law, promote illegal activity (including terrorism or organized crime), or send sexual or inappropriate content involving anyone under 18. If you do, we work with law enforcement as needed.
Can I promote self-harm?

Nope. We want you and others to be safe.

Do not show or promote self-harm — including cutting, eating disorders, suicide, or sharing information on this topic in ways that promote it’s OK.
If you or your friends are having thoughts of self-harm, we have partners who are here to support you. Please reach out to our friends at Crisis Text Line as soon as possible for help.
Can I send or collect people’s personal information?

Nope! Don’t be creepy.
If you were wondering, we also say “nope” to requesting any form of official identification from other ChatSpot users and threatening to send pictures or videos of somebody without their consent.

So, what can I do on ChatSpot?
ChatSpot’s List of Yeps
• Be kind and treat people the way you want to be treated.
• Chat with your friends.
• Discover new and fun experiences in the chat.
• Join some interesting groups and make new friends.
These rules will continue to evolve as ChatSpot’s community grows, and we reserve the right to enforce them as we see fit, including removing offending content, issuing “mute”, asking you to leave (which definitely sounds nicer than kicking you off), or reporting offenders to law enforcement if necessary. We ask that you please take these rules seriously and act in the best interests of your fellow ChatSpot peers.
Thank you for contributing to a lively, fun, and fair community.