Introducing ChatSpot GOLD…

Hello, chatspotters

We are here to announce the new way of using features on ChatSpot introducing ChatSpot Gold…

You will now earn 1 GOLD for every minute you spend on ChatSpot. The longer you stay the more GOLD you earn the best part is you can be idle and not talk and you still earn GOLD. Other sites have done similar things but they didn’t do it right as we will 🙂

Starting today you are already earning GOLD for being on CS so bank up your GOLD because soon all our features will use a small amount of GOLD to utilize the features for example uploading a profile song will cost 25 GOLD or sending your friend a gift it will cost you GOLD.

have a new friend on the site want to be generous? GIFT them GOLD from your account… all this and more coming with GOLD enjoy!

Invite for Rank ICON of choice

Hello Chatspotters,

We need your help so we are going to give you some motivation… Introducing INVITE for the RANK of your choice!

It’s simple just show us you’re inviting your friends with a screenshot and we will give you the rank icon and rank name of your choice for your profile…here are some banners you can add to your social media.

Below are some crazy nice banners made by a member of the chat x_God you can PM him in the chat if you need a banner done!

Share these banners everywhere on your social media and with your friends on other sites thank you!

These below are perfect for instagram

Have an account? forgot your account password? This is for you!

We all do it to make accounts online come back to the website and totally don’t remember our credentials to log in well ChatSpot has thought of that and we have you covered.

We have what’s called MAGIC LINKS and they are here and ready to get you back into your account.

They are really simple to use just click the link and put your username or email in the form and hit enter, the site will e-mail the address you registered with a link will be sent to allow you to log in with no password.

Having trouble signing in now? CLICK HERE 

After you are back in your account you can change your password and or add your phone number to receive OPT passwords and secure your account further!


Calling all Chatspotters – We are hiring staff and we need YOU!

Hello People!

So we are back the site has been redone and is very much better than it was before we will still be adding features cause that’s how we roll!

Now that I am done with the main site, it’s time to focus on filling it. That’s where you and your friends come in I need a whole staff crew and we also need more regular users here chatting so if you help ChatSpot grow you will be rewarded with some cool perks and possibly staff! If you are interested in staff and or helping us please continue reading below.

Thanks for your interest in helping us grow we appreciate you and your time! To be considered for staff you should meet the following requirements…

You should be friendly and talk in the main chat

You should not want or need to be in charge of people it’s creepy and we aren’t looking for bossy people. We are looking for nice kind respectful and most importantly helpful, if not you should just consider helping us by inviting your friends here instead of staff.

You should be at least 17 years old and be allowed to be on the site. (we don’t want to upset your parents)

You should be at least level 6 in the main chat new accounts aren’t considered.

Get in touch with KrAzE in the chat if interested for further details Thanks!