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ChatSpot was founded in 2018, with the intent of being a social community without all of the excessive censoring other websites have in place. Meet new people, build friendships, and become a part of a community of people from all over!

Users can create and host their own chatrooms on the network, share YouTube videos, gifts, images, show your creativity with an in-app paint program, and more! Mobile-ready from a web browse or download the ChatSpot app from the Google Play store.

EVERYONE GETS VIP when they join, and will have access to all of the awesome features out network has to offer. And it will never cost you anything. Completely 100% Free!

Chat Online with like minded people
Meet new friends and random chat with people from all over in a friendly and fun environment. Our mods and admins are here to keep you safe. You can also use the chat ignore features to block annoying users. Make sure you are following the chat rules and chat safety guide diligently. We also have an active message forums and a blog for you to use and gain insightful knowledge. These are the important online chat rules you must agree to first before proceeding. Enjoy your stay!

Chat Rules:
In order to be able to use our chat rooms, you must be at least thirteen (13)
Users under the age of (13) are required to get the permission of their parents or guardian.
Flooding or disrupting chat users in any way is strictly against the rules and you will be banned from the room for doing so.
Chat moderators and admins are to be respected as well as any decisions they make, especially ones that tell you to quit spamming, or change your nickname to something appropriate or modifying your behavior.
Do not give out personal information to anyone. Anyone found to be sharing theirs or someone else’s personal information in the group chat will be punished.
You agree not to post private telephone numbers. Users who are found to do so will be banned instantly. We work closely with the authorities to identify those who post phone numbers that aren’t theirs in the chat rooms.
Inappropriate language should not be used in neither conversations nor nicknames.
All sorts of nudity is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
You are to report unusual or sketchy users who are breaking the law or violating the chat rules by directly using the report button or contacting a moderator/admin.
Using any sort of hacking or exploiting tools is against the law and will be dealt with and reported accordingly.
Please use English in the chatrooms as this helps our mods keep the rooms safe for all users.
Do not post obscene or vulgar messages in text or on webcam (including nudity).
Hate speech, racism, trolling, flooding and spamming is not allowed.
Users who tries to exploit other teens will be reported to the authorities
Please don’t post content that promotes other chat sites.
If you are using webcam please be wary that the other person may be recording you. This could lead to you being exploited so please be cautious.
Should you allow your Teenager to be on Chat Room Websites?

  • They can connect with different friends at random
  • These online chat rooms establish a comfortable conversation atmosphere
  • They can connect with others who share their interests and hobbies
  • You can join a variety of chat rooms to engage in group conversations and online chats – Or they can also have private chat with a person whom they have developed a rapport with

Free online Chat Rooms Without Registration
✓ Join different public chat rooms and group chats (teenchat, singles chat, roleplay room, LGBTQ+ chat room, gay teen chat, lesbian chat, international chat room , etc)
✓ Can observe the chat in Guest mode – no registration required
✓ Meet new people with similar passions and interests
✓ Send and receive free text messages, emojis, stickers, drawings, voice messages, and pictures
✓ Send Gifs & Youtube videos in group chat
✓ Add friends or ignore annoying people
✓ Listen to live radio stations
✓ Create your own chat room
✓ All chat rooms run very fast with no plugins required
✓ Our chat website works with Desktop, iPhone, Android mobile, tablets and IPAD.
✓ It is absolutely free.
So, Start an online Chat now!

I’m sure you know that there are hundreds of other chat sites out there, but you were brought to us for a reason, you’re meant for ChatSpot, so come settle down and start making some friends and read about all the things ChatSpot has to offer. Not only is the ChatSpot community superior to other chatting communities but we also offer amazing features that other chat sites can’t compete with.

For starters, profiles are the first thing people will look for when they see you, nobody wants a boring profile! With our features, you can spice up your profile with youtube videos and profile music so other users can jam out to your favorite song and watch the YouTube Video you’ve had on replay for the past three days.

When you make friends you’re going to want to show them how much you appreciate them, so why not send them a gift? Exclusive to ChatSpot, users can send their friends gifts, some with personalized messages, just so your friends know how much you love them.

Wanna switch it up? Change the color of your name or text with our super fun gradients! Feeling bored? Battle your friends with our super cool card game, which one of your friends can pull the highest card? I don’t know about you but I can’t do anything without listening to music…guess what we have? We have our very own music streaming service for you to stream all the tunes you want when talking to your friends! As you can see, we have so much to offer, so what are you waiting for?? Come mess around with our features and make some lifelong friendships!

Our chat community gives you the opportunity to make new friends or talk to strangers, meet cool people, and share great memories and moments with other chatters from all over the world. 100% free with no downloads. We have a friendly environment that is fully moderated to ensure your safety. You can register your username. Please make sure you follow all the rules of the chat rooms.

Make sure you join us on the music site so you can make free playlists and see what other chatspotterz are listening to

tabinda faisal
tabinda faisal
January 20, 2022.
Great taste! 👍
Delta Squad
Delta Squad
December 24, 2021.
Amazing atmosphere, great staff members, always polite to their members. Great place to be!
edgy girl
edgy girl
April 20, 2021.
Allyson Goddard
Allyson Goddard
April 13, 2021.
I LOVE THIS website soooo much i miss u guys so so so so sooo much. yall couldve banned me forever for being annoying and spamming all the time. but yall didnt i think i got banned once. BUT yeah the sites awesome 😛
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson
August 3, 2020.
The Best chat site out there so proud to be Co-owner!
Myah Taylor
Myah Taylor
August 3, 2020.
This has to be the best chat site I have ever been on, the staff are so kind and willing to help when ever they can ^-^