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Hey Chatspotterz! How are you guys?

How’s the New Year going so far?! Since it is now officially 2021 we are excited to welcome new users and new changes into ChatSpot! 2020 wasn’t the best year for any of us, ChatSpot itself went through numerous changes. The year was filled with many wins and many losses for all of us. However, it’s a new year! Another 365 days to reach your goals and live your life and accomplish great things.

ChatSpot is starting the year off right. Last year we faced a lot of downtime with server and hard drive issues, but it’s all in the past. This new year we hope you and your friends enjoy ChatSpot for all it has to offer and don’t even worry about downtime! That is a thing of 2020, we will be running smoothly from here on out! Thank you so much for all you guys do! You really made our year better! Have an amazing day!