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Hello Chatspotterz!

As you should know a few weeks ago we launched ChatSpot Music! This is a free way to make and listen to your favorite playlists of your favorite artists from over 60 million tracks… The best part is over 100 chatspotterz are already registered there, so you can follow them and their already created playlists! This is awesome if you’re like me (masterkraze) and don’t like making your own playlists and like to follow other peoples. So go ahead and register now if you haven’t yet ChatSpot music

Just an FYI everything about ChatSpot Music is 100% legal. we are using all legal API’s to search and Play all music no music is stored on our servers it’s all streamed from legal API’s.

Please feel free to use the service in and away from the chat and invite all your music-loving friends to use it too.