Hello banned chatspotter here is the deal we at chatspot don’t like to be mean but in order to run our service you MUST follow these following rules at all times while in chat or don’t even bother trying to come back ever we don’t want you here if you can’t follow these simple rules point blank and simple!

1) No Nudity /Sexual Content
2) No Threatening / Harassment
3) No Spamming (5+ Rapid Lines)
4) No Doxxing (posting others personal info.)
5) No Advertising other chat sites
6) English only on Main
7) No Gore (self harm images, etc)
8) No Bypassing Actions
9) No Self-Harm/Suicide Discussion or Promotion

If you have been and always do follow those rules and you were banned anyways please fill out the form below and we will contact you A.S.A.P

Keep in mind we do and will work with the police if you break the laws of the USA on ChatSpot with that in mind we don’t log or ever see your personal messages we take your privacy very seriously.

We also scan and monitor for Adult (porn) images and if detected the images are rejected from uploading beware, pedophiles, we also use scanners for Child Porn if detected you will be reported to the FBI

Now that everyone has been warned we don’t play here so bring your trash to one of the many other chats that welcome any connection to their network we don’t We are letting you know in advance in the hope that you leave our users and staff alone.