How to make friends online?


How to make friends online?
Sure, you can make more friends in person by becoming more out-going. But is that easy? Is that convenient and not time-consuming? Nope. If for whatever reason, online friendships sound more appealing to you, you’re at the right place. We can help you with making online friends not only by providing you with a platform to do so but also by telling you how to make friends online. Here are six ways you can make more friends online:

1 – Leave more comments

In an on-going conversation that you are a part of or have joined be sure to make yourself visible. This you can do by leaving more comments. When we say this, we don’t mean for you to drop more comments at once. What we mean is that you participate in the conversation at regular intervals. Don’t get lost for days on end as that is only going to make people forget you.

2 – Ask more questions

When you only talk about yourself, after a while, you’re your only audience. This is because you constantly going on and on about your own self is not only boring but also annoying to others. Sure, do talk about yourself but also ask more questions. Give people a chance, and sometimes a push, to talk about themselves as well.

3 – Come across as friendly

Rather than just typing in words, add gifs and emojis to express yourself. More often than not, words are unable to convey what you mean. This calls for the need of adding more expressions to the conversation. Don’t come across as overly frisky as that can put people off. Use exclamation marks wisely. Used incorrectly they indicate anger, used rightly they show friendliness.

4 – Be polite to everyone

Don’t bully or harass people online. If someone is rude, choose to ignore them rather than engaging in a fight. Only argue if you think it is absolutely necessary to do so. Kindness will attract more friends your way and so will politeness. Hence, don’t be harsh. Do not abuse people or insult them. Avoid throwing sarcasm where it is not suitable.

5 – Be open but wisely

Don’t shut people out when they ask you a normal question only because you don’t like it. Be nice and open. Talk about your interests and opinions. However, do not be so open so as to give out your personal details. When it comes to giving information about yourself, you have to be careful. Share only details that do not matter or cannot be used against you.

6 – Offer help

Another way you can make more friends online is by offering people help when they need it. Be someone who is always there to offer a solid piece of advice. Do not offend people and do not act extra knowledgeable when you assist someone. If you help people only to boast about doing so, you’ll not make any friends.