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This letter is directed to the members and staff of ChatSpot

It has become more and more apparent that users and staff have become increasingly disrespectful towards the staff of our chat site. So much that it seems the hardwork of all of those involved is being taken for granted.

The network owner and founder has invested his finances and worked endlessly to provide a chat experience that not only promotes freedom of expression but also the ability to be oneself without fear of being shunned by oppressive rules and policies.

However we now have some users and staff that are taking for granted the services provided completely free to disrespect and even spread rumors in attempt to slander the names of those who have provided this medium free of charge to the community members.

Mind you we could have a site that is being run by tyrant moderators and and owners, that doesn’t care. Many of you have been to such sites, and have been subject to abuse by these people who do not care for their job or the user experience.

On the contrast the owner of ChatSpot has worked hard to not only provide some of the best online social services available, again for free to its userbase – both staff and users alike, but also has worked hard to chose the right staff to do the job and enhance the user experience.

There should be no hostility between users and staff alike. Bickering, rumors, lack of respect and putting each other down is no way to be conducting oneself on such a site like this one.

Our owner could easily sell ChatSpot, and then everyone would be subject to the possibility of a new tyrant owner who could change all systems in place, resulting in a censored chat experience where your freedom of speech and expression no longer exists as it does not, not for the user or the staff members. Turning this place into just another chat site where your jokes aren’t tolerated, your names are moderated, and you can’t be yourself without fear of being Demoted or banned over the smallest of things.

We are very fortunate to have the owner we do have, who has given us one of the last fewe places on the internet that respects our right to be who we are.

And with that said starting rumors about an individual who has done so much to build and support our community is being immature and childish to a degree that should not exist here.

Respect is earned yes, but our founder has done more to earn respect than many have.
He has given everyone the privilege to enjoy one of the best-made chat sites in existence today, and doesn’t aks anything in return but his users to appreciate and his staff to treat each other with dignitity and respect they deserve.

Leave the immaturity and childish behaviors at the door. Appreciate this community we have, because it could all be gone in an instant.