• September 29, 2020 5:23 am

Hello, Chatspotterz! As you know we are always looking to improve your user experience here on ChatSpot make it fun easy to use and now profitable!!! So there are many moving parts to chatspot. There is ChatSpot Chat, ChatSpot Social, Chatspot Music & ChatSpot Radio! if you have our Android APP all those things are in the app to easily use and find but what about the rest of you that don’t? well, the answer is the chatspot Hub! You’re on it now https://chatspot.space our main site.
When you land on the main site you have every option we offer at your fingertips! Just make sure you are registered on the main site because we will be holding staff votes and a whole bunch of really great things for you here that you NEED to be registered for.

Now that we got that out of the way how would you like to be paid for everything you do on the main chatspot site? We are giving Chatspot Coins to you as of today for EVERYTHING! You do here on the main site! upload an avatar get coins… send a message get coins when I say anything that’s what I mean Including playing Pacman?!? Find the game, play it, and earn bonus Coins. So what can you do with these coins? We will be doing a lot of cool things you will be able to use them to buy ChatSpot Merch, enter contests, and pay for cool gifts for other chatspotterz! Get your first 2000 coins for registering on THIS website right now Look for more news and new chat Features coming really soon 🙂 Thanks for chatting on ChatSpot!

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