We are the first chat to offer away to log in with no password!

Introducing BIOMETRIC LOGINS Now after you register your CS account you can add your fingerprint or face ID to the site so you can use them to log in to your account

This new tech from Apple, Microsoft, and Google will soon replace all needs for websites and apps to use passwords.

Add your device to your account now HERE after registering your fingerprint reader or Face ID you can now log in this way and never need a password again…

We have also implemented OTP passwords VIA Text message (one-time passwords) you can register your phone number HERE and once you verify your phone number you can log in with your phone number and the site will text you an OTP to log in with

This new tech is added to make your life easier as a chatspot user we hope you enjoy and if you have questions please ask in the CHAT Thanks for using CHATSPOT we aren’t going anywhere this time so enjoy!