We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon…


The good nature of our community never stops amazing me… I just want to say thanks to all of you ….

and my apologies for scaring you all I really thought no one cared about this place any more and boy was I wrong… the love over the past 24 hours from ppl telling me not to close and why has been very uplifting

So in short I am no longer closing the site and all features will remain FREE No more VIP PLUS!

A big thank you to those who bought and paid for Plus it helped me add a bunch of new features with the money I received.

You guys will keep your Rank Icons as a special thank you and no users moving forward will have them, so KEEP your accounts and don’t loose your ICONS

Thanks again for the out pour of love and appreciation for this chat a few have shown interest in helping us with money if YOU CAN and WANT to I appreciate it greatly there are a lot of expenses to make this the best chat on the internet here is a link and a QR code to make it easy to donate towards our costs To donate CLICK HERE