Why is Chat Spot different! (members prospective)


 Although Chat Spot is not very well known it is one of the best chat sites, personable staff, accepting and loving members, and new features no other sites have. Every report is carefully reviewed and resolved.

The more you talk in the main chat the more points you gain. You can use these points to give premium gifts for your friends!

If you ever to someone to talk to all of the members are willing to help you. Any kind of person is accepted (Within appropriate limits).

Chat Spot is a very safe and secure environment for you and your friends.

Chat Spot radio is not old weird music or filled with ads it’s handpicked by teens your age.

Chat Spot is not a chat site filled with pedophiles, it’s a site that has teens your age and people you can finally get to know. You may be any kind of person, but the people of chat spot will always be accepting of you.

By: Hailey ***** (June 17 2020)

Thanks for the Kind words Hailey, We are trying our best to give everyone a fun, safe, fast chat environment!