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We are always looking to improve the features on Chatspot as you know if you are already a chatspotter! With that being said it’s getting hard for us to maintain that burden and provide this service for free. Don’t get bummed! We aren’t taking away free VIP, or making ChatSpot a paid service. However people have been generous enough to offer donations to help pay for these modifications we all love!
So that’s why we are introducing an awesome new feature called VIP Plus (VIP+). With this service you will be able to create your own custom rank! Have a fully customized rank icon and call it anything you want!
As a VIP Plus member you have the opportunity to use your creativity and submit new feature ideas to be included in future updates! You are ChatSpot! Your ideas – Your Chat.

Now you may be asking – How do I get access to this great feature?
It’s super easy and allows you to directly contribute to the continued growth of ChatSpot!
To become a VIP Plus member all you need to do is donate ANY amount! That’s right ANY donation amount gets you in! How easy is that?

If you are unable to donate well we got you covered. Invite at least 5 people and you will receive VIP plus!
So what are you waiting for? Jump on board today and help continue to make ChatSpot one of the best online social networking sites around! This is your opportunity to truly make ChatSpot yours!